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"I hate being asked by people “so when are you going to get off chemo?” “So how long does it take to recover from this disease and get better?” People are so naive to think that all illnesses go away."

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i will never understand the phrase

"she looks amazing for 40"

40 isn’t old

and old isn’t ugly.

the lack of respect we show for women who are past a certain age

how we discard them and label them useless,

and see them as past their prime,

has always confused and frustrated me.

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Can someone just like, pick me up some Chinese food, and then bring it to me, and then come into my house and spoon it into my open mouth?

I’m equal parts hungry and tired right now but the tired part is winning.

That sounds really good. I’ll take some chow mein please mmmmmmmm.

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If only your eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how different our ideals of beauty would be… I believe we can change how we look at people, and it starts with changing how we look at ourselves. #allbodiesaregoodbodies

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I’d really like it if people could stop being assholes to each other.

Is there any way to get Xanax into the world’s water supply? I think that would help.

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I’d like to follow more Instagrammers - what’s you’re Instagram name? I’m danabaker99.

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I love my skin!

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stages of chronic illness


1) denial. wake up every day feeling like “i’m going to be back to normal today!”

2) accept that you aren’t normal and probably never will be.

3) be mad about it

4) stay mad forever

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Seriously considering buying these buttons. (x)

Would you wear them?


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